Friday Feeling – May is UFO Month at BMB

May, the month of National Scrapbooking Day, Bank Holidays and the UK General Election (very important if you work in the Cabinet Office!) and Mr BMB and I have celebrated by watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind this afternoon, which is one of our favourite films… and this has got me thinking…


To make the most of my “down time” this month, I want to set myself some goals and these are around my Crafting UFO – Unfinished Objectives… those projects you don’t seem to get round to.

Now I am not saying I won’t do any card challenges this month, because I will do a couple but I won’t start anything large until I complete my current projects. So these are:

Making – PaperCrafts

  • I will keep to my 1 page a week challenge I have set myself to complete my Washington DC album
  • Big Picture Classes – Postmarked (1 lesson left), Document February (1 lesson left) Pocket Prompts (1 lesson left)… seeing a theme here? and 3o Minutes layouts (3 lessons left).
  • I will print out my Jan – Apr Book of Days Photos
  • June Birthday Cards
  • 4 Challenge Cards for Post Pals

Making – Powertex

  • Steampunk Pencil Pot
  • Summer Wreath
  • Upcycling my Glass Vase

Making – MosaiCraft

  • At Least Two Bases – The one I am doing and a new one!


  • I have promised the lads at work Brownies on Tuesday to celebrate 20 years a Civil Servant
  • I have also promised Mr BMB them also – because I love him…

When I write it down like this – It seems a lot! I will update this post weekly with links as I complete these projects.

Thanks for Reading



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