Here’s One I’m Making – {Powertex} Pencil Pot Part 5

Having let my T-Shirt Yarn, Polyester Balls and MDF shapes dry for a couple of nights I have moved on to adding the pigment. I wanted to add to a metallic sheen and also age the pot so I chose a turquoise tarnish to add substance to the elements.

PT_PP01_0503As you can see I have added a lot, I wanted to bring out the different textures as well as facing the challenge of turning cloth and plastic into metal to fit with my steampunk theme and aim.

PT_PP01_0502I particularly like the effect on the polystyrene balls look almost like ball bearings, which I think was the effect I was looking for. I also love the effect of the metallic silver on the MDF, it works being slightly thicker too.


This is not my final stage – I have one more thing I want to do with this.

Thanks for Reading



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