Here’s One I Made – {Powertex} Pencil Pot Part 6

Having left my Pencil Pot glittering in the sun, I moved on to the final stage which was to add some further depth and bring out the SteamPunk elements of the pencil pot. The first step was to paint some additional MDF Cogs in Brown Powertex and leave them to dry before painting them with Burnt Sienna and Copper Pigment to give them a rusty sheen.

PT_PP01_0501As you can see by this point my trust inside out M&S bag workbench is well and truly covered in everything.

Once they had begun to dry, I applied further Powertex to the back and adhered them to pot. By this point the swirls had been drying for about 3 hrs so they were not fully fixed. This allowed me to press the additional elements in a little. Powertex is a very strong glue and to make sure the cogs would stay in place on all 4 sides I wrapped the pot in cling film and left it over night.


Once it had dried I brushed a very light coat of copper over all of the surface – this was to give the appearance of rush.


I then left it dry overnight to make sure everything was stuck firmly.

Because all of the sides are covered in Powertex – this would,when full cured be suitable for a plant pot outside – however this is coming into work with me.

From Beginning to End…

PT_PP01_01_03Thanks for Reading



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One Response to Here’s One I Made – {Powertex} Pencil Pot Part 6

  1. Josie says:

    Very cool, I love the steam punk vibe!


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