Friday Feeling – May UFO Progress Update

Last week I posted about my Unfinished Object plan for the month of may and, as promised, here is my first week update:


Making – PaperCrafts

  • I will keep to my 1 page a week challenge I have set myself to complete my Washington DC album – Capitol Hill Top Three,
  • Big Picture Classes – Postmarked (1 lesson left), Document February (1 lesson left) Pocket Prompts (DONE)…  and 3o Minutes layouts (3 lessons left).
  • I will print out my Jan – Apr Book of Days Photos
  • June Birthday Cards
  • 4 Challenge Cards for Post Pals

Making – Powertex

Making – MosaiCraft

  • At Least Two Bases – The one I am doing and a new one! (Progress Soon on this!)


  • I have promised the lads at work Brownies on Tuesday to celebrate 20 years a Civil Servant
  • I have also promised Mr BMB them also – because I love him…

So not a bad start for the week!

Thanks for Reading



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I am a Baker I am a Maker and I live in Bristol Come and Join in the Fun
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