Powertex – Summer Wreath {Part 1}

I started my second Powertex project for May, A Summer Wreath. My plan is to do a set of four which can be hung outside – one for each season. As we are heading to summer I am starting with that, here is my inspiration, drawn from Pinterest:

SunflowerI love the yellow, browns, blues and greens and I am going to try to use these in my wreath:

SummerWreath_01_03But before I get onto that I need to prepare my polystyrene wreath (a 300mm from HobbyCraft – it cost me less than £3.00)

So here is my now famous “before” shot

SummerWreath_01_01I have learnt that coating polystyrene, for me works better when it is covered first with masking tape and I have picked up some wide masking tape from asda cheaply which does the job perfectly.

SummerWreath_01_02I cut strips of the masking tape and covered by wrapping around the wreath. I then went back with shards and filled in the gaps.

Another advantage of covering it with masking tape is that I can draw my pattern onto the wreath to give me an idea of what I am aiming for. I used a black Sharpie for this project.

SummerWreath_01_05The final stage was to decide how best to cover the wreath, I played around with a couple of ideas using strips of material and decided in the end on using a mosaic style using small squares of material as I can add depth this way.

SummerWreath_01_04I have half the back of an adult tshirt to make enough squares to cover the whole of the back of wreath.

So here it is – a prepared wreath, ready to be covered.

SummerWreath_01_06Thanks for Reading



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