Here’s One I Made – Walking in Washington (Part 2)

This is one of my final pages showcasing our first views of the National Mall in Washington. For me, at this point, it was all about the comparison between London, where I work and Washington.

NationalMall_01Because there is so much white stone (and no history of smog) and has been designed from scratch, it seems so much cleaner and fresher than London. It also helped that the sky was so blue and clear, which was reflected in the water.

… And no rubbish either!

NationalMall_02I have also noted that the flags are a half mast, this is because these photos were taken on 9/11 and it’s still a National Day of Mourning in the States. I didn’t spot that when I was putting the page together – so I need to add some extra journalling to cover this.

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Design G Page Protectors
  • Becky Higgins – Honey Core Kit

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