Powertex – Summer Wreath {Part 2}

Previous Summer Wreath – Powertex – Summer Wreath {Part 1}

I suddenly realised I haven’t been updating you on my wreath and as I have a couple of stages to share, I thought I better get on with it…


I wanted to keep the wreath as close to the size and shape of the original ring so I covered it in small mosaic shaped pieces of t-shirt.


This allowed me to shape the line between the grass and the sky. a 3cm blob of Powertex covers about 10 – 15 squares and this allows me to work in one area after another, letting them dry and meant I didn’t contaminate the colours.

SummerWreath_03_01This is the back of the ring – I will share the front later in the week. As you can see the mosaic effect still gives me a lot of texture and edges within the material to work with, especially important when I add the pigments as I wanted to keep them light.


As we have had so much nice weather at the moment and I work in the conservatory – it is drying very quickly allowing me to work at a fast pace than normal.

I would write more but one of our cats wants feeding.

Thanks for Reading



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