Friday Feeling – May UFO Final Update

Happy June – I hope you all had a creative May. I have decided that as I enjoyed this challenge so much I am going carry on, sort of – each month I am going to challenge myself to finish certain projects and do new stuff as well… or use stash or complete a Big Picture Class.

So on the First Friday of Each Month, I will share my challenges and I will keep you updated, maybe in the middle and the end of the month and it won’t be as perscriptive as this month…

So here is my progress for May 2015:

cliparti1_space-clip-art_01Making – PaperCrafts

Making – Powertex

Making – MosaiCraft

  • At Least Two Bases – The one I am doing and a new one! Base 2 Complete, – Base 3 is coming on


OK, so not many of the projects complete – I have come a long way to completing some projects, which I think is more than I would have done if I hadn’t had been so focused. I will share my June Projects soon.

My Project of the month is my Powertex Steampunk Pencil Pot:

PT_PP01_0602Thanks for Reading



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