{Powertex} – Summer Wreath Part 4

For the first time in weeks I can start to see the end in sight of a very busy 6 weeks at work, so I have been celebrating by adding over 100 petals to my wreath…

SummerWreat_05_01And because Powertex dries in air – I have been doing this 5 at time to make sure that I don’t waste any… but as you can see from my work table it does start to get everywhere any way. But the end effect is worth it!

SummerWreat_05_02Because I was aiming for a specific shape for the flowers I developed a process whereby I coloured the petals, which involves working the powertex into the fabric as I went along in to a small group of petals and then (this is the important bit) – going to wash my gloves and dry them…

This meant I didn’t have any stray powertex on my fingers when I was modeling the petals. It’s a bit of a fiddle but it worked and it only took me a couple of hours.

SummerWreat_05_04The next stages are to add the centre to the flowers, add some texture to the grass and to add a couple of plaster shapes. It’s a shame this colour doesn’t bring out the contrast of the yellow and the blue.

SummerWreat_05_05Thanks for Reading



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