Project Life – A Tale of Two Cities – Shots of the Smithsonian

Out of all of the Smithsonians, I found the National Museum of the American Indian to be the most impressive from the outside. Designed by Native Americans, the whole design is full of symbolism.

However the museum in itself, even though its 15 years in the building, was founded after Native American Leaders found that the Smithsonian held between 12,000 – 18,000 Indian remains.

PL_150724_02This is something that resonates with me being British, as many of the exhibits in UK have erm “dubious” origins, the Elgin Marbles, The Stone of Scone are two obvious examples, where the original owners would quite like them back…

However, from what I have read, the Smithsonian have handled this all very well but we wouldn’t know as we didn’t actually get to go in…

PL_150724_01I also learnt a very valuable lesson about Project Life – if you choose to do a double page layout – you need to play for 4… and I didn’t have enough landscape photos for a design A page.

I have used the cut a landscape picture into a 4×4 square and paste it onto a 6×4 Project Life card before but I forget how effect it looks for filler pages such as this. I forgot however to add the journalling, which is why I included so much here…

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Project Life Page Protector Design A
  • Gossamer Blue – 6×4 and 3×4 Cards from July 2015 and April 2015
  • Studio Calico / Big Picture Classes – 6×4 Design Card from National Scrapbooking Day Kit (Geometric Flower Card in bottom left corner)
  • Crate Papers Journey – Stickers

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