{Powertex} – Summer Wreath Part 6 – Almost There

I am almost there with my wreath, I just have a couple of MDF shapes to add this weekend (including the house number, which is useful for something is going to be on the outside of the house…) And then at some point I need to start on my Halloween and Christmas Wreaths.

Summer_Wreath_06-03At this stage, I didn’t just finish the centres of the flowers with pigment but I finally cracked the issue I had with grass.

Originally I painted the green with a white pearl pigment as you can see from the shot above – but I decided to add some of the gold to see what that looks like… and I love it – it gives the whole wreath a warm summer evening “feel”.

Summer_Wreath_06My next stage is to add a couple of flowers, our house number and a couple of small birds. I have loved this project and its nice to do something practical with Powertex.

Summer_Wreath_06-02Thanks for Reading



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