{Powertex} – 5 Minute Project – Part 1

I shared yesterday that my neighbours are on the move, so to go with the farewell bottle of wine, I have made another bottle cuff. This one is slightly different to my last project. With that one, I cut the flower and leaves separately, this one I made the flower and the cuff from one piece of material.

PT_Cuff_02_01The first step again, is covering the bottle with cling film, so that the finished project didn’t stick to the bottle. As I decided to work with the dark bronze powertex, I could go wild with the colour of recycle material – as you can see, this old pink t-shirt is being but to good use.

PT_Cuff_02_02Having cut the stripe of material – I set the timer to see how long it would take me to model a cuff. From the point I dipped the material in the powertex to the point I moved the finished cuff to the “drying shelf” was less than 5 minutes. This is one of the amazing things about Powertex – you can go as complicated or as simple as you want.

PT_Cuff_02_03The flower itself is made from curling the material around itself from the centre out, in a couple of simple steps

  1. Drape the material around the neck of the bottle so that the right hand side is one to two inches lower than the left. (this will mean that ends are level when you finish)
  2. Pass the right hand side UNDER the left (to give the finished piece more stability)
  3. Pinch a small fold in the material the same height as the finished rose. This becomes the centre of the rose
  4. Wrap the material around the fold two or three times, depending on how large you want the rose.
  5. Tuck the material under the rose and I clip the two parts of the tail together a kirby grip covered in cling film, this helps give the base of the rose definition
  6. Trim the ends and even out the folds in the tails of the cuff.

I then left it to dry for over 24hrs to make sure the rose dries out completely.

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