Here’s One I’m Making – The Powertex Project Shelf

As things are busy tonight, I thought I would just post a picture of my “Project Shelf” as it looked like at the beginning of the weekend… This is where all my ongoing Powertex projects live whilst I am working on them.

PT_Bowl_01_03Everything in the BMB household has to be Cat-Proof, This is one of the shelves in the Craft Room (Sorry Conservatory…) which isn’t automatically “theirs”. This means everything can be left to dry without getting covered in cat hair…

There is also a sneak peek of a project I am going to be sharing over the next week or so… I am looking for new things to do with t-shirt yarn (as always).

The other thing I am going to start next week – is sharing a series of pictures of pigments on powertex, I am always amazed at how the different combinations can change the whole feel of the project and I really want to share it.

In the mean time – keep crafting.

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