{Powertex} – 5 Minute Project – Part 2

Part 1 – In which I sculpt the cuff

Having left the cuff to dry for 24hrs, I was ready to add pigments. I have found it easier if I take it off the original bottle and make sure that the cling film is removed. The reason being is that I can make sure it dries completely.

PT_Cuff02_02_01I have used Bronze for the Cuff and I am going through a bit of a “gold” and “yellow ochre” phase with Bronze. This gives the bronze an “aged look” which I think makes the pieces look like burnished metal.

PT_Cuff02_02_03The yellow ochre is a slightly deeper, fuller colour than the gold and by using this as the base for the gold – you can really allow for the metal sheen to come through in places.

PT_Cuff02_02_02Even though the flower is a very simple model, by adding pigments you can really bring out the details in the rose.

PT_Cuff02_02_04When you are close up you can see just how much detail you can pick up from the texture of the material. I need to be more adventurous with my choice of materials and not just keep reaching for recycle t-shirt.

PT_Cuff02_02_05All in all it took me under 5 minutes to model and 5 minutes to paint… OK I waited 24hrs between to let it dry but it is still a brilliant way to make a gift quickly which looks very effective at the end.

PT_Cuff02_02_06Thanks for Reading



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