{Powertex} – Road Trip

I discovered Powertex in a big way last year at the NEC, which I attended with my best mate. We have been talking for ages that we needed a Powertex afternoon with her girls to have some fun and play… so last week I had a road trip to go and play, I packed up the craft room and headed up north (well slightly…)

Road_Trip_01Everyone decides they wanted to decorate bottles, except me – I had another project in mind… but we also all played with different colours

As you can see we had a mixture of yellow tiles, green swathes of material, very blue bottles and brown “somethings” (can you guess which mine is)

P1000512My friend Michelle has been keen to make a Dragon’s Egg from Powertex and she used this day to practice some of her techniques, including playing with glass mosaic tiles…

Road_Trip_02As you can see, my reverse action tweezers are becoming an accurate record of my powertex projects…

I started work on my next project which is a little something for the house… here it is drying with the first layer complete.

Road_Trip_03I will share more about that over the weekend.

But I hope you have a flavour of some of the fun you can have when Powertexing with friends, it’s a great craft to do on your own or in a group

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