{Powertex Pigments} Bronze with Turquoise and Silver

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to do a mini Friday Feeling series on Pigment combinations for Powertex.

For all the articles in this series – Check out my Powertex Pigment Library Page


Combination One – Bronze with Turquoise and Silver

I made this at Make-It back in February, although this was not my first Powertex Project, it was the first where I really got to grips with pigments and how they can change the whole project.

Bronze is a neutral colour (it has neither a cool or warm “base” or undertone) and this means It’s a good starting point for a whole range of pigments. Unlike black, which is also a neutral, the bronze does give a hint of colour which mutes the overall effect. I like this for some projects and where I want more “zing” I would use Black…

HINT ONE – Bronze is mute – Black is bright

Because there is a lot of details in this material, I wanted a combination that would bring this out. So I chose a contrasting turquoise to give depth and silver to give shimmer. This contrast meant I could build up on the peaks of material

HINT TWO – Go for contrast if you want to bring out the rich detail in the fabric

With all the pigments start with the darkest matt colours – moving to the lightest matt and then onto the metallic.

So why use Turquoise and silver with bronze? When bronze oxidises (a natural process which happens when metal comes into contact with air) it turns turquoise with a hint of silver.


So by replicating this colour combination, you get a natural feel which looks aged. That is what I was looking with this bottle in this example, I wanted a “greek urn” feel.

Next week I will be looking at how Bronze can look very different with Ochre and Gold.

If you fancy dipping your toe in Powertex, pop along to one of the shows they are exhibiting at, the reason is that their starter kits are amazing value. They include a full size bottle of Powertex and a full set of mini-bags of pigments (among other bits and pieces)… This gives you a real chance to see if you enjoy it.

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