{Powertex} – Summer Wreath Part 7 – Preparing the Final Touches

It may have taken me most of the summer (on and off) but I am in the final stages of the Summer Wreath, which as I hoped to have it on display all summer…. So will now either have to hold over until next year or have it on display in Autumn…

The final stages have been to add the “embellishments”, in this case made out of wood.


My technique for adding bits, be they made out of wood or plaster of paris or even cardboard or Chipboard (and I have a lot of these from scrapbooking!)

  1. Cover them in Powertex on one side and let them dry
  2. Turn them over and cover them in Powertex on the other side and let them dry again
  3. Paint another layer of Powertex on the back of the embellishment to act as glue and position them onto the item
  4. Unless the item is laying perfectly flat, cover the item with cling film to hold them in place whilst it dries


Have I mentioned before? The four things you need for a successful start to Powertex is (1) A Powertex Starter Kit and (2) Tracey and Garry Evans’ email address (!) for when you are up to your neck in the stuff and need advice or new supplies and (3) Apron and Gloves… (Ok that is two things) and (4) Lots and lots of Cling Film!

… Anyway back to the wreath, I tend to leave them overnight with the cling film on and then for another day with it off just to make sure they are stable.


This is usually the stage where I go back over with the base colour to mop up any loose drips which have smeared in the drying process…

Tomorrow I will share the finish item – once I have coloured the embellishments. This is a feat in itself as its taken me all summer to work on. Part of the downside of only being available to craft at the weekends.

Due to the timings of the BMB holiday this year, I am going to leave my Halloween Wreath until next year and start on my Winter one next.

Thanks for Reading



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