{Powertex} – Summer Wreath Part 8 – The Finished Wreath

I started this project on the 16th May 2015 (which is 103 days ago… a bit different to my 5 minute bottle cuff projects…) and although I expected it to take me a month, with being busy with work, my summer project has taken me all summer!

And that doesn’t matter – its great to see something grow and develop, just as its great to finish a couple of bottle cuffs to give as leaving presents.

So let me take you back to my inspiration, a summer field of sunflowers.


I ended up focusing on the flowers (my original design only had three flowers on each side!) and giving the whole piece an early evening glow, where I was aiming for a morning dew vibe…

So here it is, without further ado, my summer wreath.

PT_Summer_Wreath_07_01Since my post yesterday, you can see that I have added yellow ochre and gold to the letters to give them a metallic feel, I can remember door numbers being this colour of brass growing up.


You can see in detail here that I have added quite a bit more gold and yellow to the green parts of the wreath, this was to enhance the “evening feel” to it.

So would I do another one? Yes and I am already planning a frosty green, red and white wreath to hang on the door for Christmas and you may start to see Powertex Poinsettia and baubles appearing very soon as I play with the designs.

I have found that this project has been a good way to experiment with ideas, there are 5 different colours of powertex in the project (green, blue, yellow, terra-cotta and bronze) and for a messy crafter, this is a challenge in itself, making sure it doesn’t drip (HINT – don’t look at the back of this project…) I have also played with the modelling flowers and working on non-flat surfaces.

So here is my famous – “Before and After Shot”


Thanks for Reading and Sharing this Project with me



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