{Powertex Pigments} Turning Bronze into Brass

In the second of my short Friday series looking at the pigments, I thought I would look today at another “natural” combination of colours for Bronze Powertex – Yellow Ochre and Rich Gold. Together, these colours can turn Bronze Powertex into Brass.


Combination Two – Bronze with Yellow Ochre and Rich Gold

OK – here comes the science bit:

If you mix 88% Copper with 12% Tin (roughly – there may be other things in there), You get Bronze – A tough but often dull metal. It can be attractive but it is often chosen because it is durable.

However if you mix 66% Copper with 33% Zinc – you get the bright, yellow gold like metal – Brass. Depending on how much copper t0 zinc in the mix, you can go from red to white in appearance. This metal is has a low boiling point, is soft enough to mold and tough enough to last and is shiny.

So there is a common base for both these metals and by replicating the high yellow shine onto Bronze Powertex – you can get a life-like brass feeling. I have used this twice recently

PT_Summer_Wreath_07_02I associate brass with door nobs and house numbers – so this was the obviously choice for the numbers on my summer wreath. I have not gone over the top here as I wanted the weathered look which comes with brass being outside.

PT_Cuff02_02_04I did however with this bottle cuff to shine against the bottle – so this is a much brighter brass colour.

{now time for a confession – I popped over to the Powertex Website to check the name of the gold pigment whilst writing this and have accidently treated myself to a bottle of Lead Powertex (which I have not used before and some of the new 3D balls – go check them out}

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