{Powertex Pigments} – Well Oiled Bronze

Apologies for the short break over the last couple of weeks, things are very busy at work and it’s not easing off. But I have managed to finish a couple of Cuffs which I will share with you.

Oil_Rubbed_BronzeOne way of treating bronze to protect it and preserve a specific look for home decor is dip it into an oil-based chemical mix… known as “oil rubbing”. The end effect is a dense dark look, which looks aged and weathered.

Bottle_Cuff_Burnished_BronzTo replicate this look, which is supposed to be subtle, I used a mixture of Dark Brown which doesn’t add much additional colour but it does add an extra hint of warmth without being over-powering. I then flicked over a mixture of clear gold and bronze gold only in the highest of the raises, such as the rose.


The final effect of this look is softer than some of the other combinations, and stays very neutral in appearance. This makes it perfect for Bottle Cuffs.

By the way – Powertex have an amazing new Website

And by the way (Part 2) – Powertex are going to be at Westpoint in Exeter for the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft show this week – Tracey loves a natter – go and visit.

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