Project Life – A Tale of Two Cities – Final Thoughts on the Smithsonian

One of the advantages of going on holiday is the motivation of having 2300 new photos to scrap, is pushing me to scrap last years holiday photos. I thought I would start by finishing day two, our first visit to the Smithsonian.

ATOTC_1024_02I wanted this layout to be bright and airy – so the predominant colours yellow and white – but I have also added black around a couple of photos to make them stand out from the background.

I like the effect of the black boarders and will be using this again on other layouts and I do like the 4 x 4 size photos.

ATOTC_1024_01There are a mixture of the insides and outsides of our favourite museums. I just wanted to choose a couple of photos which draw together the previous few layouts.

I think the one lesson I have learned from these last couple of layout is that it is very easy to adapt both landscape and portrait photos to fit any Project Life Page Layout.

Stash Used

  • Becky Higgins – Project Life Page Protector Design A
  • Becky Higgins – Neapolitan Edition Core Kit (Spotted and Journalling Card)
  • Gossamer Blue – April 2015 Themed Life Pages Add on Kit (Camera 6×4 Card)
  • Gossamer Blue – March 2015 Life Pages Kit (Around Here Title Card)
  • Gossamer Blue – May 2015 Life Pages Kit (Flora 6×4 Card)
  • Gossamer Blue – October 2015 Life Pages Kit (Chevron 6×4 Card)
  • Stampin Up – Black Cardstock
  • Pink Paislee – Cedar Lane Glitter Arrows (From Gossamer Blue October 2015 Kit)
  • Gossamer Blue – Cork Camera and Stars embellishments
  • Gossamer Blue – Wooden Star embellishments
  • Big Picture Classes / Studio Calico – Mirrored Flower Embellishment (From World Scrapbooking Day)
  • Chameleon Pens – Alcohol Pens

You will notice I have used some of my October Gossamer Blue Kit, I think this is a record as I only unpacked it last night…

The next couple of days in my “A Tale of Two Cities” Covers New York and I am really looking forward to them.

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2 Responses to Project Life – A Tale of Two Cities – Final Thoughts on the Smithsonian

  1. I have a question about how you put your Project Life layouts together as I want to do PL but am really struggling with this. Do you print all your photos first and then put together a LO based on the orientation of the photos you have, or do you print photos to fit the LO that you want to do? I have hundreds of holiday photos but I don’t want to print them all and then find I can’t make them fit. But on the other hand I’m not sure I can be bothered to sit down and plan it all out in the first place and then order the right photos to fit! 🙂


    • Wobette says:

      Hi Corinna – I print all the pictures out and then choose the PL Page Protector Design to fit or trim the photos down to 4×4 and mount on the 6×4 cards as I have done on this page. I really do this on the fly and even cut my existing pattern paper down to PL card size.

      With currently commuting from Bristol to London – PL really suits the time I don’t have anymore! I just pull out a couple of pictures and play.



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