Friday Feeling – {Powertex Pigments} – Turning Bronze into Aged Copper

I thought it was time for another installment of my Powertex Pigments series with trying something a little different – turning Bronze into Aged Copper.

When copper ages – it goes a very distinct green.

Copper_CoinsOne of the most famous examples of this is the Statue of Liberty, they did trying covering and cleaning it to keep it copper coloured colour… but can you imagine anything but green now?

statue-of-libertyAs far as colouring with Powertex is concerned, this has meant doing something different and something I haven’t done before.

Usually you would add a mute colour, then a metallic overcoat. For this I had to colour the cuff with bronze and then add a coat of turquoise, reversing the order.

Bottle_Cuff_Rust_01This has led to a muted effect, with hints of the base metal, copper, shining through. What I really like about the effect is the turquoise sits on top of the copper heavily and does give the hint of uneven aging which happens to copper in the early stages.

Bottle_Cuff_Rust_02I do like the muted effect of swapping the copper and the turquoise around in this incident and I can see it working on statues for outside, where you want an aged look. However for smaller pieces like this – I think I prefer a brighter metallic look personally.

If you are going to the NEC next week, Tracey Evans from Powertex Uk made an exciting announcement – Brigitte Grade, the founder of Powertex worldwide is going to be on their stand. I can’t wait.

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