Sunday Book Club – Animal Kingdom by Brigette Grade

I haven’t written a Sunday Book Club blog entry for months – this is probably because I haven’t bought a book for months. But I did come back from The NEC with a copy of the new Powertex book – packed with ideas from the Animal Kingdom.

Animal_Kingdom_02This is my first Powertex book, as I have used the DVDs to date and I was very impressed. If you are looking for somewhere to start with Powertex, this is a good place to start. Although the book was not originally written in English, the translation is good and it ensures the instructions are logical and can be followed.

The main part of the book is based around 21 different animals (living, extinct and mythical!) and for each project there is:

  1. A full colour picture of the finished project
  2. A Star Rating (from 1 to 3) so you know how difficult it is
  3. A full list of equipment and materials
  4. Step by Step Instructions, which are very clear to follow
  5. Smaller photos of the key steps so that you can see what your project should look like as it progresses.

At the back of the book is set of Powertex Instructions which means it can be given as a gift to someone who has never seen Powertex in action but wants to have a play.

Animal_Kingdom_01Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can adapt them for other animals and projects and there are some ideas towards to pack of the book there are a selection of projects that some of the leading Powertex Artists have created.

The best way to experience Powertex is still to go a workshop or class, however this book is a great way to learn techniques at your own pace once you have mastered the basics.

This book is recommended for:

  • Beginners who want to expand their Powertex Knowledge – including Stone Art and Easy 3D Flex
  • Those who already have intermediate experience with Powertex and who are looking for new ideas including a fantastic lamp project.
  • And For Powertex Experts – These Projects are easy to adapt to make unique pieces of art as large or small as you want.

Thanks for Reading



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