Here’s One I’m Making – {Powertex} Christmas Canvas – Pt1

As I have shared over the weekend that one of things I love about going to The NEC is coming back fizzing with ideas for projects I want to complete. This year some of that inspiration came from watching Brigitte Grade create a canvas (or two) using Powertex.

Canvas_01_02I have been wanting to see the Easy Structure Paste and Bister in action for a while and after seeing it – I wanted to try it for myself.

I also couldn’t wait to play with a canvas and when the lady I chatted with began to see the possibilities for Christmas – I could see options for what I wanted to do with Powertex for Christmas.

Canvas_01_03So this is where I am starting, small, with a 6×6 Canvas and I can’t wait to play. I have had this small canvas for about 7 years – just lying around in the craft cupboard waiting for the right project. (To be honest – I have a lot of small canvases lying around, more than I realised – opps).

Canvas_01_01I am really excited about sharing this project. Especially this near to Christmas.

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