{Powertex} – Christmas Canvas Pt2

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I have just moved sideways at work for 12 weeks. This is a bit of shock as I knew on Monday I was moving and started on Wednesday… the downside is despite being enthused about my crafting – I have little spare time between now and Christmas.

However, the good news is that as I have discovered, you can create Powertex Canvas in no time at all, so guess what I am playing with?

As I have shared, I started with a small 6×6 canvas and with a Christmas Theme. The first stage was to paint the canvas with my base powertex colour – I have gone for Lead as I wanted an evening mist effect. This is the first time I have used this particular shade of Powertex and wow – its lovely, very adaptable.

Whilst the powertex was still wet, I then added 3D sand in Medium and Small to form the shape of two trees and stars. And I finished with a layer of Easy Structure to add a snow effect. All of this took me less than 15 minutes to do.

Christmas_Canvas_02_01(Mr BMB says the medium balls look like dippin dots – I can see a bright and colourful project coming up with that gem inspiration).

I have said before that one of the beautiful properties of Powertex is that as well as being a fabric hardner, it also a great paint and a good quality glue. This means when using it with mix media, you can cover and colour your canvas and prep it with a medium for adding texture in one step.

Christmas_Canvas_02_03This one step approach gave me confidence to play as I didn’t think feel as if I would waste layer upon layer of preparation if I went “wrong” once I added the texture. I have had a couple of the tubs of the 3D sand for a while waiting for me to use (I still have an image of Powertex Poinsettia on a wreath with 3D sand centres… but that is not going to happen in time for this Christmas!)

So what lessons have I learnt?

  1. Brigitte’s tip at The NEC of flicking the back of the canvas gently to make sure everything has fixed does make sure you keep your sand where you want it.
  2. You don’t need much Easy Structure – a little goes a very long way.
  3. You only need a pinch of 3D sand at a time – so you can position them easily.

Christmas_Canvas_02_02So in 15 minutes, I went from a blank canvas to something that is starting to look like Christmas. It is really that easy.

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