{Powertex} – Christmas Canvas Pt3

I don’t post for a week or so and suddenly wordpress redesign the whole of their interface. So it’s going to take me a while to get use to where everything is. I seem to have lost the ability to resize pictures, add borders to them and spell check so please bear with me. In other news I now have Elements 14 on my laptop so its makes working on the photos easier


When work allows I am still getting on with my Christmas Canvas and one of the first things I did was paint my sand elements with powertex to begin to give them stability.


As the trees were going to be green with gold highlights, I started by brushing the trees with a very light coat of green and the snow with white powertex. It certainly helped with future layers of pigment as it smoothed the surface of the sand.


It has also been a good learning exercise as far as using the sand. It’s not that easy to paint the sand and not go over the edge, so I have got to put away my artist head and dust off my mixed media head. And my mixed media head is telling me it doesn’t matter if I go over the edge as long as I blend the grey and the green powertex.


I now think the base is ready to add the colour and the extra elements.

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