{Powertex} – Christmas Canvas Pt 4

Having left the next coats of Powertex to dry, I started to move on to my favourite part of powertex, adding the pigment.

Canvas_01_04_01I found a fantastic description in a back edition of Craft Stamper of mixed media and that was it was the art of adding layers… this is true of adding powertex pigments. As you use a dry-brush technique, you add a bit of a time, building the tint up and adding more colour with each layer.

Today was about adding colour to trees by brushing green and adding a lot of pearl to the snow to give it a sheen. As this was about colouring, I added a number of layers to make sure the colour shone through as I wanted it to be big bold and bright.

Canvas_01_04_04As you can see – I had to let go of my inner perfectionist and not worry if the pigment went everywhere. This is ok – as I can add another layer to mask it.

Canvas_01_04_02I think I added about 5 coats of green and three of the pearl. It’s a shame the sheen doesn’t show up on this picture as it does add something extra.

Canvas_01_04_03Thanks for Reading



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