{Powertex} – Christmas Canvas Pt5

I want to start with talking about the difference between colouring and tinting. In my last post I talked about colouring the trees and today I am starting to tinting the sky. For me colouring is about adding a rich, deep pigment which fundamentally changes from the colour below (even if just by a slight shade).

Tinting is about adding hint or tinge of a colour and where the underlying colour still shines through… I am going to tint the sky with clear gold and then white pearl with my first layer being the gold.

Canvas_01_05_01This was just one layer and I wanted to make sure the grey could still shine through, After this I added the pearl white – as you can see, this is a little thinker in places to look like clouds.

Canvas_01_05_02I also added some hint of colour to the tree, it looks stronger in the picture than in real life and you will see what I did with that next…

Canvas_01_05_04I am almost ready to add the fabric and plaster of paris elements… and maybe some word art to add texture.

Canvas_01_05_03Thanks for Reading



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