Christmas 2015 – Cake Time

Just in case you are wondering why things are quiet around here – take a look at {what is usually} my craft room.

Christmas_TreeYeap… as usual I have put away my Craft Projects to focus on Christmas, however even that is vastly curtailed this year thanks to a major project at work.

I didn’t even finish the cake until today… and normally by now Mr BMB is enjoying the (soaked in Brandy) fruits of my labour.

Christmas_Cake_2015_02So this year, I have kept things very simple, with just a little blue food colouring and silver balls… which is the same colour as my wrapping… Oh I almost have a theme.

Christmas_Cake_2015_01I started off with just the snow flakes, the silver balls and the scoring were added later because I wanted something a little more.

Christmas_Cake_2015_03I will report back on the success once Mr BMB has his first slice after I work on Tuesday.

This is going to be my last entry before Christmas so I wish all my regular readers a very merry Crafty and Baking Christmas



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2 Responses to Christmas 2015 – Cake Time

  1. kyla says:

    Lovely looking cake. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas


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