Friday Feeling – Unfinished Objectives in January 2016

*** Happy New Year ***

My “One Little Word” for 2016 is Wisdom. I want to make sure that I show wisdom in my choices for the year, including making sure I wisely use my time. This is partly because I am going to be so busy for at least the first quarter of the year that if I am going make anything I need make the most out of my time.

And I am starting with making sure I finish some of the projects I have on the go… January is an Official UFO month on BMB.

cliparti1_space-clip-art_01My Challenges for January Are

Project Life

  • Complete all the layouts for New York Day One
  • Complete all the layouts for New York Day Two


  • My Christmas Canvas
  • One Bird for the Rose Nest
  • The foundations for the Christmas 2016 Wreath


  • At least two squares of my current picture

Thanks for joining me in 2016 and I look forward to giving you my weekly update.



About Wobette

I am a Baker I am a Maker and I live in Bristol Come and Join in the Fun
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