{Powertex} – Christmas Canvas Pt 9

And so, a couple of weeks after Christmas (yes yes I know) I have added the final bits to my Christmas Canvas. An “O” in the form of a Poinsettia.

PT_CC_08_01I have had this idea since my early days of Powertex, it comes from a conversation Tracey Evans and using your Sizzix with Powertex. I knew it would be perfect for Poinsettia using Tim Holtz Alterations Bigz Die.

PT_CC_08_04As I am working on a small 6×6 canvas, I kept to the middle and small layers and I used wood pulp to give the flower petals texture.

PT_CC_08_02After using Red Powertex (careful it soaks up a lot of the stuff and gets flimsy!) I laid it out for a couple of seconds before moulding the leaves. After this I placed them on the canvas, so it was at the super-sticky stage.

PT_CC_08_05I then painted some extra Red Powertex in the middle and added a handful of medium Powertex sand balls, I am going to paint these gold later.

PT_CC_08_03Thanks for Reading



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