{Powertex} – Valentine Challenge Choker Pt 1

I have said a couple of times this week that I got, err, distracted from my Christmas Wreath by the challenge posted on the Powertex Addicts United Facebook Group.Were given until the 24th January to produce something on a Valentine’s theme.

PT_Val_01_01I knew that I wanted to make a choker with a dainty rose detail, there was only one problem with this, I didn’t know where to start.

So I decided on three strands of T-Shirt yarn, so I could plait it into a leather-like thong.

PT_Val_02_03However, years of crafting has taught me that if I was to plait yarn, I would need a second set of hands – so this is where a mini bulldog clip, a safety-pin and the cat’s climbing frame came in handy.

PT_Val_02_01I flatten the ends of the yarn, one on top of the other and covered them in cling-film. This would make it easier to secure the ends once the material had begun to dry and it made it easier to fit in the bulldog clip.

PT_Val_02_02I decided to do the plaiting the yarn whilst it was still very wet as that is when it’s at its most flexible. You may want to cover your lap to catch any loose drips (!) as you need to plait tightly.

PT_Val_02_04I found it easier to move my chair back so that I could plait horizontally.

PT_Val_02_05Because of the way T-Shirt yarn is made, you have a smooth side and a rolled side (which is caused by the ends curling in on themselves). I made sure we rolled sides were at the top all the way through to add texture.

(By the way, I measured the half the width of my neck and added an inch both sides to make sure it was the right length).

PT_Val_02_06When I came to the end, I folded each piece of yarn on top of each other, and secured it cling film and a second bulldog clip.

PT_Val_02_07Here is another tip I found, half way through the drying process (just before I went to bed), I swapped cling film for a small piece of vinyl cut from a pair of gloves, this is not only neater but was easier to handle.

Because of how Powertex dries, initially, in the first overnight drying, I kept it on its side by moulded into shape.

PT_Val_02_08I did turn it a couple of times to make sure we didn’t get a flat side!

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