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Gesso – from the same latin root as gypsum, a mixture of glue, minerals and pigment which has been used since mediaeval times to prepare walls, canvases, fabric and all manner of surfaces for painting and decorating, the original primer…

GessoToday it more likely to be made from acrylics, rather than Rabbit and Chalk, you can also get oil and soy variants. When painting, it is important that you will need to use oil gesso with oil paints as they age at different rates to acrylics.

However if you are using mixed media, most of the materials you will use will either be acrylic or water-based so acrylic gesso is sufficient.

TT_01_26Thinner than acrylic paints, but still thick enough to provide texture, you are most likely to find gesso in white, black or clear, however it is easy to colour before or after its dry. I like to add with a credit card to get an even finish.

So how do you use it? By covering your creative surface in a thin layer, it stops your ink, paints or dyes soaking in by creating a thin barrier.  This means that with porous surfaces such as paper or fabric you can build up layers of colour without the base disintegrating or the pigments becoming lost.

Why I am bringing this up now? I am just starting a Big Picture Class on making the most of Gesso and I am going be using this class for my next couple of Tuesday Tags

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One Response to Stash-Stock-and-Supplies – Lets Talk Gesso

  1. kyla says:

    It’s also great through stencils and the clear is quite useful too. Looking forward to seeing your tags


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