{Powertex} – Valentine Challenge Choker Pt 2

I picked up my Valentine Challenge Choker again the day after the plaiting, I wanted to make sure that it was firm enough to work with add details without loosing any of the texture in the plait itself.

PT_Val_16_03_02Who would have known that the size and shape of my neck is the same of the spare rolls of double sides sticky tape that I keep in the craft room? This is a good reference point for the future!

However before I could add the roses, I needed to add an eyelet at either end. This has a double purpose:

  1. It keeps the end secured whilst I am working on, as I can punch the hole through all the layers.
  2. I also wanted to thread ribbon on to the choker so that I could fasten it when I am wearing it, and the eyelets are perfect for this.

Well, lesson number two, My Crop-a-Dile Mark 2 is strong enough to go through three layers of powertex and some kitchen roll to protect the Crop-a-Dile.


I did this about 24 hours after I have made the plait, this meant it was dry enough to keep its shape but flexible enough to punch a hole.

I knew I needed to keep the flowers and leaves small, so I cut out circle of material which was about 2cm in diameter, this size resulted in flowers which were the size of a 1p piece. You will need to play around with size and shapes but it is worth making a note of what you end up doing for future reference.


As the roses are so delicate I didn’t attempt to make them straight away. Once I had soaked them in red and green powertex, I left them to dry for about 30 minutes so that it was easier to shape. I used tweezers to shape the petals.


After shaping the flowers and putting them in place, I then left it dry for a couple of days so that the leaves and roses became hard. But I did leave it on my (patent pending) “sticky-tape choker shaper” so that the necklace would come together in one piece.


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