{Powertex} – Valentine Challenge Choker Final Installment

Having left the choker for a week to dry out completely, I came to the final stages of adding just a  little bit of pigment.


This caused a lot of thought this week as I didn’t know what pigment to add:

  • I have been using a lot of gold lately so I didn’t want to add that as I wanted a change.
  • I didn’t really want to introduce another colour, as I had green and red and I wanted to keep to those two.
  • I wanted a shade which would be subtle.
  • I really really couldn’t make my mind up.

So I went for pearl white, to keep with the leather look and let the red and green shine through.


The white is a perfect for picking out the details of the yarn, and at this time of the year, it looks frost-bitten. I decided to keep the ribbon neutral as well so I went with black satin.

Val_2016_03_04The choker is about half the width of the neck and the ribbon is about three times as long, in slower time I am going to make some balls of stone art to act as weights on the end.

Val_2016_03_03You can see the ribbon looks like it is double threaded, this is because it allows me to use a single piece of ribbon and not have to worry about loose ends. It also means that the ribbon is doubled up and feels secure.

Valentine_ChokerTo give you an idea of scale, the roses are about the same size as a penny piece.


Thank you to Garry and Tracey for a fantastic challenge and thank you for reading



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2 Responses to {Powertex} – Valentine Challenge Choker Final Installment

  1. Sue J says:

    I love this choker, so delicate. Very pretty thank you for sharing your project.


  2. Julie Lee says:

    What an unusual choker! This is a really original use of Powertex. xx


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