{Powertex} – Easter Eggs in Pink Pt1

Remember the Rose Bowl I started making last year? I shaped rose-swirls of t-shirt yarn around a bowl, which I decided to turn into a nest.

PT_RB_160305_01And at this time of the year, I decided to turn it into an Easter Nest, which I am intending to fill with a mixture of powertex and chocolate eggs. I also wanted to use spring colours, so it was my chance to play with mixing Powertex colours to get the soft pink I was looking for.

PT_RB_160305_03Ivory is a good base to mix from and as I wanted a soft pink I started with (approximately) 5 parts ivory to 1 part red.

PT_RB_160305_02However, it wasn’t until I started to mix that I realised just how powerful the pigment in the red powertex is – it goes a long way and takes a while to mix fully.

PT_RB_160305_05I want to make three eggs, all different, so this one is using my old favourite – t-shirt yarn, however I needed a third arm to keep it in place whilst I wound it around the egg shape.

PT_RB_160305_06After a couple of attempts of trying to bind it and becoming frustrated that it comes loose at both ends I ended up cupping the egg with one hand and shaping it as I went along.


As you can see – this is a little messy and I got a LOT of powertex on my gloves…

The moment it was finished I wrapped it up in cellophane to dry for a couple of hours, I still had to unwrap it a couple of times to reattach the ends.

Next Steps – Adding texture…

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2 Responses to {Powertex} – Easter Eggs in Pink Pt1

  1. powertexuk says:

    Love your experiments Emma


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