Tuesday Tags – Colourful Birds

Ok, I know I did 5 tags as part of my Big Picture Classes on making the most out of Gesso so I thought I was done but I forgot I had doubled up on one class so I still had a lesson left. As with all the tags I will be making this year, this tag has two elements:

  1. My New Technique – Embossing with Gesso
  2. Stash Used – Clarity Stamps and Watercolour Pencils.

I love watercolour pencils, maybe even more than Alchol Ink Pens. ButI find pens easier to use with stamping, so as a result I don’t tend to use them as much as I’d like to.

TT_03_08_02Unlike the other tags in this collection, this one has a step before I get to the Gesso, and that was to run it through a sizzix in an embossing folder.

TT_03_08_01The last couple of tags have used the Gesso to provide texture, this tag usings textured cardstock which is Gesso’d. But it meant I could not just scrape the Gesso over the tag with a credit card, so I used a paint brush (you don’t need much as it will pool unevenly over the design).

TT_03_15_03You can still get good coverage this way and even more importantly, the brush is very easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry.

TT_03_18_04Once dried, I got out the Watercolour pencils. I always have a small spray bottle with water in it to hand, so I sprayed the tag with a light mist of water. Before colouring most of the tag with small blobs of pencil.

TT_03_18_06Once I complete this stage, I smoothed the colour out across the whole of tag with an aqua-pen, cleaning the nib as I moved between colours.

TT_03_18_07It only takes a couple of minutes to dry, but its best not to try and disturb the colour whilst its drying.

TT_03_18_08I love this look, you can see the texture from the Gesso and the embossing folders being brought out by the pencils.

I wanted an “evening sky” colour scheme so I could use this month’s Clarity Club Stamp, which is a Housemartin. I lover Clarity Stamps, they are very thick and etched deeply. Look at how clear this design is.

TT_03_18_09To keep the design toned, I coloured the birds with my watercolour pencils, I coloured in parts of the design and then used my aqua-pen to drag the colour around and fill in the missing bits.

TT_03_18_11All I needed to add to the final design (after mounting two of the birds on 3D foam) was a couple of circles of cork sticker to keep a natural look.

TT_03_18_12I will be doing this again, probably on cards for Pocket Scrapbooking, and I need to use my watercolour pencils more to refine my techniques.

TT_03_18_13This series of tags is helping with my 2015 Word of “Wisdom” its helping me to focus my skills and learning new ones. This is also fits in with my theme for March – of making time to make stuff.

Stash Used

  • Q-Connect – Manilla Tags
  • Crafters Companion – Love Collection Embossing Folder
  • Clarity Stamps – Clarity Stamp Club – Housemartin Stamp
  • Derwent Academy – Watercolour Pencils
  • Pentel – Aqua Pen
  • Memento – Brown Ink
  • Ranger Ink – White Gesso
  • 3D Foam

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One Response to Tuesday Tags – Colourful Birds

  1. Kyla says:

    Love the housemartin stamp.


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