{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Pt2

So one of the many things that has happened since I had my accident is the wonderful Tracey Evans from Powertex appeared on Hochanda with an amazing starter kit which proved very popular. I will let everyone know further dates when I have them.

Now I can sit for longer periods of time, I am starting to look at my Christmas Wreath again. I have decided I wanted to do something with fairy lights (once I had checked with Tracey to make sure I was not going to electrocute myself!)

PT_CW_01_01Do you know how long it takes to cover a wreath with fairy lights and masking tape? about three-quarters of a roll and a long evening! I have grouped the bulbs together and will be colouring some of them red so they form berries.

PT_CW_01_02My next step is cover the wreath with powertex, I am probably going to use some form of stretchy stocking material as it should be easy to manipulate and smooth into the shape I want.

And whilst I am on the topic of Powertex, the Amazing Team at Craft of Hearts have been using the powertex to commemorate The Somme. If you are in Cardiff next week, please go and see this special exhibition.

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