{Powertex} – Craft of Heart’s Exhibition in Cardiff

I am not going to say much about this as I want the photos to do the talking. But the amazing Joanne Roe from Craft of the Heart (@craftofheartsuk) in Wales has masterminded the most fantastic exhibition in commemoration of the Battle of Mametz, part of World War 1, 100 years ago this year.

The exhibition has secured another half day and is now open until 1pm Tomorrow (10 July 2016) at the Pierhead in Cardiff Bay (the big red brick building on the front) – If you are free and want to see some awe-inspiring artwork – please pop along, it’s free to view and children (and adults) get a chance to make a poppy.

Joanne is the Senior Powertex Tutor and Distributor for Wales and this exhibition shows why I love the stuff so much

CotH_01P1020354 CotH_13 CotH_12 CotH_11 CotH_10 CotH_09 CotH_08 CotH_07 CotH_06 CotH_05 Thanks for Reading



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