Tuesday Tags – Day of the Dead

This is the final project from “BBA” (Before Broken Ankle) and it’s another Tag. As it is a Tuesday Tag, I have two elements:

  1. My New Technique – Building a base from Gilding Wax
  2. Stash Used – Day of the Dead stamps and dies from Sheena Douglas

I started, as I did last week, with a black gesso base as I wanted the gilding wax to shine and I trialled the design on white and black and preferred the black.

TT_0705_01I wanted to use a mixture of gilding wax, so I turned to cosmic shimmer and went for Silver, Royal Blue and Antique Gold (which looks white in the pot but does go on gold).

TT_0713_10These pots may be small but they last a long time and are great value for money. I rubbed the wax in using my finger and loved the effect. You can see the gold in this shot!

TT_0713_11I then thought I would try the Honey Doo Glitter Glue with rubber stamps, so I selected some Sheena Douglas Stamps from her “Day of Dead” collect, but I went for a musical selection.

TT_0713_08I found the Glitter glue easier to use with rubber stamps as I could see where I had already put glue. They also come up clean very quickly too! (If you buy Honey Doo’s started kit you get an acetate stamp cleaner which is very effective.

TT_0713_07As I didn’t know how well the glue would stick to the gilding wax I made sure I pressed down firmly, but I had nothing to worry about, I got a very clean impression (as I did with VersaMagic when I used that on another stamp at the end of the tag).

TT_0713_06One of the tips I have seen from Honey Doo and from John Lockwood – is keep your flakes in the box. this is a very quick way of covering the tag and catching the dregs at the end.

TT_0713_05I have picked up another tip from John Lockwood and that once you have rubbed the larger flakes off, give the design one final buff to really make the design sing.

TT_0713_04This was stamp was slightly more detailed than any stamp I have used with flakes before and I am very impressed with the outcome, I will be pulling more of my rubber stamps out to gild with.

TT_0713_03I then stamped and die cut a trumpet from the same set of stamps, I also covered the trumpet in copper gilding wax to keep with the colour scheme. I also stamped and embossed a bass clef directly onto the tag.

TT_0713_02I find I am using silicone glue more and more in place of 3D foam, I find it easier to manipulate and I like the effect.

I also added some copper to the blue gilding to tone it down and match the trumpet.

TT_0713_09I finished the tag, by stamping and embossing a phrase stamp from Sheena and gilded the edges to keep the theme.

TT_0713_01Stash Used

  • Ranger – Dina Wakley Black Gesso
  • Cosmic Shimmer – Gilding Wax and Black Embossing Powder
  • Honey Doo Crafts – Glitter Glue and Rolling Hills Gilding Flakes
  • Sheena Douglas – Day of the Dead Stamps
  • VersaMagic – Embossing Ink
  • Oyster Crafts – Plain Cardstock

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One Response to Tuesday Tags – Day of the Dead

  1. Stunning! I love gilding wax, but have not played with flakes yet x


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