Project Life – ATOTC – Ellis Island

I am still easing myself back into making things (I need to do some baking too!) even though I don’t have much time to craft.

I am keeping to sketches to speed things up and this design is from an old favourite of mine Pagemaps. However it’s not as quick as my last layout as I decided to make my own background cardstock for this layout!

ATOTC_Ellis_Island_02_04I have been a fan of Becky Fleck’s since she first launched her website 10 years ago and I used to go to crops with a stack of maps printed out. Only difference is now I access them from my tablet! This layout is based on one of her June 2016 maps.

It had a number of blocks of patterns which made me think of the insert cards from DIY Shop, the Project Life Value Kit.

ATOTC_Ellis_Island_02_03I am also using some of the “just the edge” diecuts as the packet was still out from my last crafting marathon.

ATOTC_Ellis_Island_02_01xAlthough we took at lot of photos at Ellis Island, a lot of them were very similar, so I just selected a small range of them to capture the size of the hall. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to arrive there after weeks on a boat to be settled in this huge hall.

ATOTC_Ellis_Island_02_02The hexagon block in this picture is a photo of the floor from Ellis Island which I included as I like to capture the small details of places we go to.

I think sketches such as this one which has a lot of blocks of detail suit layouts which allow these small details to shine. We need to ensure we capture the small events as well as the big ones!

Stash Used

  • Bazzill Cardstock – Background Card (from Places we love Outer Banks Collection)]
  • Bazzill Cardstock – “Just the Edge” Cardstock diecuts
  • Becky Higgins – DIY Shop Value Kit
  • Gossamer Blue – Insert Cards and Wooden Accents
  • 7 Gypsies – 100% Stickers from Vacation Set
  • American Crafts – Thicker Stickers (asterisks)

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