Around Bristol – Upfest 2016 – The Artists

Bristol is a very creative city and the one thing it’s really famous for is its Street Art and for most of the last 8 years this has been celebrated in Bedminister at the Annual Upfest Festival (the Urban Paint Festival).

UF_Sat_20We have seen this grow from a fairly small event around the Tobacco Factory to a huge festival with stalls, plenty of food and drink and a number of different sites in and around the whole of North Street.

UF_Sat_22One of the big changes we have seen is the introduction of the artists working throughout the Saturday creating their art as you watch and not just finished art on show. Today I am going to share a series of photos showcasing the artist process and tomorrow the finished art work. There are a lot of pictures.

UF_Sat_21UF_Sat_19UF_Sat_18UF_Sat_17 UF_Sat_16 UF_Sat_15 UF_Sat_14 UF_Sat_13 UF_Sat_12 UF_Sat_11 UF_Sat_10 UF_Sat_09 UF_Sat_08 UF_Sat_07 UF_Sat_06 UF_Sat_05 UF_Sat_04 UF_Sat_03 UF_Sat_02 UF_Sat_01Thank for Reading



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2 Responses to Around Bristol – Upfest 2016 – The Artists

  1. Kyla says:

    Wow that was blogged quickly! Great catching up yesterday, albeit short.


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