Around the West Country – Upfest – Finished Artwork {1}

This week I am sharing a selection of pictures from Upfest 2016. Over the two days, Mr BMB and I took about 1300 photos, ate two huge burgers and a couple of very (very) nice bacon rolls, drank plenty of water (and diet coke, cider and real ale) – oh – and got slightly sunburnt!

UF_Sun_40Some of the artwork at Upfest has a political or social message, this was one of my favourite pieces from the Green (where we also bought our Bacon Rolls!)

UF_Sun_12This is probably my favorite piece of the Festival, it was in the Spotted Cow Garden and I love the effect of the silver blanket, also has a power message.

UF_Sun_18These are not photos, they are spray stencils. But they are such good quality that I recognise some of them from the streets of Bristol. This was also in the Spotted Cow Garden.

UF_Sun_07This one is not quite finished but it is making a point about the difference in the classes. This was a fascinating piece to see developing, it was a mixture of sketch, stencils and free hand paint. I hope to see it when it’s finally finished!

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One Response to Around the West Country – Upfest – Finished Artwork {1}

  1. Kyla says:

    1300 photos,wow!!
    It was a great couple of days and lovely catching up.


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