Around the West Country – Upfest – Finished Artwork {3}

Upfest is an equal opportunity festival and this year’s logo was designed by a woman, Gemma Compton. Some of my favourite pieces from this year were completed by women this year and I wanted to showcase some of them today.

UF_Sun_39As a “sometime” seamstress, I loved this work, photos don’t do the bird justice. Using the ready-made mesh ( you can do the same with tennis rackets), the artist, Danielle Couch, used long stitch embroidery.

UF_Sun_20We saw a team of ladies working on this over the weekend and I love the end effect is stunning.

UF_Sun_24I am a huge fan of Miss Wah and have long admired her work with Posca pens. I had the chance to talk to her and admire her shoes, which its a shame I didn’t get any photos of!

UF_Sun_13UF_Sun_12 UF_Sun_11I loved the work in the Spotted Cow Beer Garden. We followed these three pieces of artwork over the two days and I love all three of them.

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