{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Covering the Wreath (Pt3)

Like a lot of Crafters, I spend August thinking about Christmas. As Powertex needs three weeks to fully cure and become completely waterproof, I need to make sure the wreath is complete by the end of October. So this is my priority.

Having fixed the wires in place, I decided to try a different approach for this wreath to my last one. With that one I covered the wreath with small mosaic pieces of material with this one I covered it with strips of material which was quicker and easier as the base is one colour.

PT_CW_03_02One of the problems I had was some of the lights got covered in Powertex, however as they are made of plastic, the Powertex peels right off – this can be very therapeutic.

PT_CW_03_03Once the whole wreath was covered I left it a couple of days as I had a couple of problems I need to mull over, the first of these was where to position the solar sensor.

PT_CW_03_01The lights I am using are solar-powered (and light-sensitive so only come on in the dark) and I have a huge sensor to position, so I am going to cover it in a Bow and hang it off the bottom. This solved a second problem, what do to with the wires.

PT_CW_03_04I covered the wires and the base in strips of Powertex, covered it in Clingfilm to hold in place whilst it was drying. I have ended up with a very robust seal around the wires.

PT_CW_03_05As the sensor is also plastic, the Powertex came off the sensor very quickly. I just need to make sure I disguise it.

Powertex is back on Hochanda on the 17th and 18th August, when I know the times I will post them. Check them out on TV or on-line.

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