{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Covering the Wires (Pt4)

By profession, I am an electrical engineer, not that I have ever worked as one, but the basics have stayed with me! And one such basic is that water and electricity doesn’t mix. And this has left me wondering about how I can be completely sure I have sealed in the light bulbs.


Then the answer came to me, Powertex have a product called “Easy Structure” which is completely waterproof and reminds me of Polyfiller… the only problem was how to apply it to tricky places?

PT_CW_04_01For that I decided to draw on another set of skills – cake decorating and “ice” the easy structure into place, not only is this quick but it’s a very effective way of getting into hard to reach areas.

PT_CW_04_02Once I had piped some of the paste into place, I took a small palette knife and smoothed it into the cracks, leaving me with a complete (and waterproof!) seal around all of the lights

PT_CW_04_03It took me about 30 minutes to seal all of the lights into place and I left it for about 48hrs to dry completely before adding the first coat of paint.

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