{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Painting the Base (Pt5)

Having covered the base and allowed it to dry (completely), I left a week between adding easy structure and coming on to this stage. I wanted to colour the wreath, Powertex Easy Varnish is also waterproof and therefore I hoped by adding a thick layer of colour, I would “seal” all the waterproofing in stage. I decided to colour the base a soft pearlised blue (and used a lot of pigments and varnish in the process)

PT_CW_05_03Out of all the pigments Powertex produce, my personal favourite is the Pearlised White (called Powerpearl) and for this project I ordered two additional pots, one to use and one to make sure I never run out again!

PT_CW_05_02I covered both sides in a very pale blue (think frozen). In fact this association with that Disney film has influenced how I developed the next bit of design… which I will share soon!

PT_CW_05_01Thanks for Reading



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