{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Seeing Stars (Pt6)

So I left the base for a couple of days, looking at my frozen-style wreath and decided it needed to be “grunged” up a little bit as I didn’t want a fluffy wreath… Have you ever googled “grunge Christmas”? Its’s not a trend that has caught on.

PT_CW_06_01As I was going to need about 80 stars of different sizes to form the basis of the wreath, I decided the easiest thing to do would be to cut them with a Bigz die for a Sizzix machine.  You can cut three or four layers at the same time and I had them all cut in a couple of minutes.

PT_CW16_0602I split the pile into three as I want a mixture of blue, slate and ivory powertex stars, layered one upon the other from dark to light.

PT_CW16_0603Can you see the star to the right, it looks like it’s fainter than the others? That is because I didn’t covering it with enough Powertex. I touch these bits up with a paint brush as I spot them! As powertex changes colour slightly as it dries, this is easier earlier rather than later.

PT_CW16_0604The blue is a very vibrant colour but as I said it does darken as is it dries. You can change the shade by mixing it with some of the ivory powertex if you want a softer colour. This is true for all the shades of powertex – have a play, mix and match!

PT_CW16_0606I decided to let the blue layer dry completely before I added the slate stars, “filling” some of the gaps. You can see close you that some of the powertex has bleed (or more likely I have left a dirty finger print!) – this is OK as you can cover it with more of the base colour with a thin brush.

PT_CW16_0605Although you can’t see it in this picture, the solar sensor is hanging off the end and that led me to my next problem – how could I incorporate it into the design?

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