{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Big Bows (Pt7)

If you remember from earlier photos, I have attached the solar-power sensor to the bottom of the wreath with a mixture of Powertex Easy Structure. Its moved on some what from this picture and is now well and truly stuck in place. And I have picked off the loose powertex.

PT_CW_extra_01I really wanted to come up with some way of incorporating it in the design and the solution was quite simple when it came to me – I need to add a bow!

PT_CW16_0701I realised the sleeves of a T-Shirt were the right width (and length) for the bow I wanted, so I hacked them both off and added a thinner strip for the centre.

PT_CR2016_0801I shaped them with a pair of rubber gloves stuffed with kitchen roll to give the bow the height I needed and I let it dry for a couple of days before removing them. The whole bow is rock solid.

PT_CW_extra_02The tails are balanced on a stamping block covered in clingfilm and in turn clingfilmed to the sensor (viva la clingfilm!). This kept the tails straight and allowed me to let them hang slightly longer than the sensor without dropping. It also made sure I didn’t damage the sensor.

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