{Powertex} – Christmas Wreath – Colouring the Bow (Pt8)

Having added the bow and having let it dry for several days, I wanted to add colour, well actually I wanted to add depth and I did this by adding colour. Here is what the flat blue looks like:

PT_CR2016_0802I started with the light blue and kept adding white (I love the powertex white pigment!) and sadly the camera cannot bit up the difference as there is too much blue on blue. However. This is what the paper towel I dried my brush on looked like. I think there are 6 shades on here.

PT_CR2016_0803 I went from the darkest shade in the middle to the lightest around the edges. By the time I had also added the pearlised white, I had achieved the depth I wanted to.

PT_CR2016_0804PT_CW_extra_03I think it probably looks more “Christmassy” with a bow! and I like the way you can pick out the details in the fabric with the pigments. But most of all I like the fact that powertex is perfect for building 3D structures out of flat material.

PT_CW_extra_04Now the bow is coloured, I can cover it with cling film before moving on to add the final layer of stars.

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